GS Gefahrgut Software *

Automatic functions:

- Calculation of the Q-value
- Calculation of the "Total quantity per Overpack"
- Compliance with the order when issuing an overpack
- Attention to the loadability of overpack and "All packed in one"
- Creating the unique overpack label (Can be changed individually if necessary)
- Proper shipping names for all UN numbers stored
- Testing of airliner and country regulations during input
- Checking the allowed net quantities during the input
- Check when entering the technical name
- Control function when entering organic peroxides (IATA substance list Annex C )
- Subsequent DGD audit by assigning the airline or additional countries to an already created DGD
- Allocation of the number of pages for more than one page from the shipper´s declaration
- Transfer of data such as EmS no., storage category, segregration group and properties for IMO declarations

"All packed in one"


Organic Peroxides

Start page:

Comprehensive information at a glance with one click of the UN number query such as:
- List of the correct shipping name in English and German
- Display of the applicable hazard class and secondary hazard class or required additional markings, if applicable
- List of the associated special provisions for direct reading
- List of the permitted net quantities for PAX and CAO for each packing group
- Display of the required unit of measurement L or kg
- Display of the EQ code for exempted quantities
- When you select the individual columns, you can call up and read the table for exempted quantities and the information for "De Minimis Quantities" or read information about all permitted inner packaging (including the permitted net quantities per inner packaging) / outer packaging and individual packaging.
- Statistics of the dispatched dangerous goods for a desired period (dangerous goods report)

MAWB Guide:

- Help with filling out the required entries for dangerous goods in the air waybill

Lithium batteries :

- The integrated Lithium Guide provide additional help for shipping lithium batteries.


- Address data from the sender as well as name and date are automatically transferred to the DGD / IMO
- The correct proper shipping name can be added if necessary ("solution" or "mixture")
- Your own company logo can be integrated into the DGD
- Recording of a transport document in accordance with ADR on the basis of the data already recorded in the DGD or the IMO declaration
- Subsequent assignment of individual packages to already recorded overpacks
- Subsequent “taking out” of individual packages from already recorded overpacks
- Subsequent dissolution of already recorded overpacks
- Call up an already created DGD / IMO / ADR at any time for post-processing in the event of changes such as the address, number of packages or the net quantities per package
- Simple and quick deletion of individual items
- Very fast recording of several packages with the same UN number, PSN, packing group and packing instructions thanks to the built-in copy function without leaving the input mask
- Reading of the special provisions according to IATA is possible while entering data in the program
- Reading of the airliner and country regulations according to IATA is possible in several places in the program.
- The AWB number can subsequently be assigned to a recorded DGD
- Entry of routing data possible


- Sending the eDGD to the InFr8 platform (access data to the platform are required for this) // for more information visit:
Regulated agent:

- Regulated agents have the option of checking the security status of individually selected suppliers and service providers on a daily basis with a click of the mouse // this requires access data to the EU database.

Save and print:

- DGD / IMO print with a color printer on normal white paper, no special preprints necessary
- Save documents locally as PDF files for printing / storing / sending
- Documents can be retrieved at any time using the consecutive reference number
- The form and format of the forms are always up to date
- Print version of tabular or open form selectable
- Visualization of the documents (DGD / IMO / ADR), before printing, on the screen
- Labels for the packages are printed from the same program, no new entry of the data necessary. The number and content of the stickers are identical to the data recorded. All you need is a label printer.
- Additional information on the package label stating which hazard label is required
- Printing of individual package labels possible