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The activity of our company is mainly in preparation of dangerous goods for transport by air.
(Packaging, marking, identifying, Declare) Of course, we also pack non-dangerous goods.
All our services give you and your customers more security in transit and so we can contribute to your success and customer satisfaction.

eDGD - Electronic shippers declaration
For the shipments attended to be sent by Lufthansa / LUG aircargo handling GmbH (all Airlines), we are able to transmit all dangerous goods data electronically using InFr8-platform.
In this case there are no more DGR rejections regarding the documentation.

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GS Gefahrgut Software *

Software for creating the DGD / IMO / ADR *

History / General Information:

This software was developed by GS Gefahrgut-Service GmbH and has been in daily use since the company was founded in 2004. During this time, the various functions were continuously developed, improved and new functions were added.
A special feature of the application of the program is that it is actively supported by an automatic control function when entering dangerous goods data in the shipper declaration (DGD).

What other functions does this software offer you?

- Software is available in german and english
- Simultaneous creation of a transport document acc. ADR for shipping to the airport or seaport on the basis of the data already entered in the DGD/IMO declaration
- Save documents locally as a PDF file for printing / storing or sending.
- Print out the package labels with all necessary information
- Automatic verification of your collected dangerous goods data for compliance with IATA regulations
- Automatic calculation of the Q-value and the" Total quantity per Overpack " including assignment of the unique ID-mark for overpacks
- Assign product data to the relevant dangerous goods data and store it in the product database
(UN number, correct proper shipping name, packaging group, technical name and other relevant data that can be accessed and transferred from the database when creating the DGD/IMO declaration)
- Automatic storage of recorded address data with simple search function
- Statistics of shipped dangerous goods for a desired period (dangerous goods report)
- Sending the eDGD to the InFr8 platform (this requires access data to the platform) / / for more information, visit: https://www.infr8.de
- Checking and querying the security status of individually selected suppliers and service providers with just one mouse click / / this requires the access data of the security officer to the EU database.
It would be too extensive at this point to list all functions of the software.

You will find information about ALL functions of the software HERE.

You will find explanatory videos HERE.

Just test it yourself and let yourself be convinced.

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DGR packaging / Industrial packaging / Thermo-packaging

DGR packaging

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DGR packaging

Industrial packaging

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Industrial packaging


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DGR Packaging

Dangerous Goods shipments are subject to the strict regulations of IATA, IMDG, ADR and the other national and international dangerous goods regulations. A transport of dangerous goods should be well thought out from the first until the last phase to minimize any risks and possible delays and to avoid the expected additional costs. How a hazardous material must be sent depends on several factors, among others:
- Which hazardous substances to be sent?
- What inner packagings are used?
- What is the net qunatitiy of the inner packagings?
- What quantities of hazardous substances are sent?
- The final destination of the shipment?
Please keep in mind that is only the packaging between the hazardous material and the environment. This packaging protects your goods and the environment. After proper packaging of the hazardous substance, the packages must be declared and labeled in accordance with the hazardous material. All modes of transport have defined in their rules just like a declaration of dangerous goods is to take place, and the form and the content of the package label. Compliance with these rules ensures that all participants exactly in the transport chain know what you should look for when dealing with your shipment. Correct and complete marking is necessary for the packages to identify with dangerous content and to ensure appropriate use. By marking the packages they must be clearly examined, identified and allocated. The allowable types of packaging and the maximum allowable net amounts are fixed for each hazardous material in the regulations. These depend on the danger level of the hazardous substance. If the danger level of the substance is high, less net contents must be packed and transported per package. Some hazardous materials are even forbidden for transport. Some hazardous materials are even free from the requirements depending upon the amounts which are contained in a package.

Industrial packaging

During transport forces act on your packages. It's about an increased pressure within the stack must withstand the inner and outer packaging; Temperature fluctuations, pressure ratios and the shear forces on such a package, just taking off and landing of an aircraft, to act.
A package must be designed to withstand these pressures and to protect the packaged goods within the packaging. For heavy parts (machinery, equipment, spare parts, ...) a wooden packaging is unavoidable. Some of it is sensitive to moisture, so such products must also be packed with a corrosion protection and desiccant. We offer tailor-made, measure-industry packaging that corresponds to the IPPC standard.
If your shipment is already with the carrier or with an airline at Frankfurt Airport, we can offer the packaging of the goods directly in your warehouse. The return and re-delivery is not necessary in this case. Certain goods can not be transported unpackaged; in this case, we offer the package locally. Let us know what you need; We are available for help and advice.


Insulated packaging (Thermoboxes))
The packaging of temperature sensitive goods is a special challenge. In air transport the transportation of frozen goods are relatively limited and depends on several factors. For shipment of temperature-sensitive goods, we would like this to offer an efficient, flexible and cost-effective alternative. This offer includes:
• Frozen food (deep-frozen goods)
• Frozen goods (temperature range of + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C)
Depending on the volumes to be transported, we offer thermo packaging in the following dimensions:
After delivery, the packaging can be safely disposed of by the recipient or may continue to be used; a return is not necessary. For cooling during transportation passive cooling units are used, the period for transport is limited to 72 hours. This period refers to the ambient temperature of 22 ° C. Intermediate storage of the goods in appropriate refrigerated rooms prolongs the action of the coolant. The cooling period may be extended, for example, the coolant is renewed at any transit station or the dry ice is refilled. External influences or higher temperatures can greatly reduce the specified period, therefore appropriate treatment of of the goods is essential.

Security check

EU Regulation 2015/1998

Your package must be opened professionally for the security check?

We handle the necessary opening at the control point for you.

The opened package is searched by the security staff.

After the package has been opened to the security staff will search the package. It may also need additional work such as opening more slicing the corrosion protective foil.

The corrosion protective foil must welded again by the use of machinery.

The corrosion protective foil is again welded airtight after Security check.

After security check, we close the package again.

After the package has been declared by the security staff as "SECURED", we close the package again.


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